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Design Trends 2022

Biophilic design - This continues to dominate interior design for 2022. We have all become used to the outdoors over the last 18 months and for much of that time meetings outside were the way forward, so it is no surprise that biophilic design is resurgent. Maintaining office plants has been tricky for many companies as they deal with home working and fewer people in the office, but there are plenty of artificial or non-living options to get around that.

Waves and curves - Maybe this is also a post pandemic reaction to the regimented following of rules and keeping in line. In 2022 curves, waves and general irregular shapes are making their way into not only office spaces but our homes as well.

Fluting - This detail is one of the most popular that we are seeing applied to furniture, prevalent in the 1930’s art deco design, fluting has become a favoured detail in interiors. Fluting is one of the more simple ways to add texture to furniture. Workshops and factories have increasingly sophisticated CNC machines which allow this feature to now be cost effective to produce. Advances in cutting and working other materials such as stone, technical stone and Corian mean that fluting details are not just limited to timbers.

Colours - We always have one eye on Arpa laminate in particular the Fenix range when it comes to predicting colour trends. The Fenix Verde Comodoro has made the top spot. This colour complements the RAL 2022 colours this year, with a palette that reflects the colourways we are starting to see on mood boards. Hague blue by Farrow and Ball trailblazed these calm colours with historcal undertones. The odd man out is Very Peri (purple) as the colour of the year from Pantone 🤔…. we are not seeing much of that being specified at the moment, but as we know a year is a long time in office design so we will see what 2022 brings and keep you posted!

Patterns - Earth inspired patterns, nature and pastel colours. This is definitely the work from home influence spilling into our office space. We need to feel at home at work, cushions, curtains, art and ceramics are all embracing colours and patterns this year.

Measure it - Less green washing more green wishing. 2022 is the year to start counting your carbon. The task can seem overwhelming but now is the time start. Companies are taking the first steps and sensibly starting small, counting what they know they can measure now whilst working out how to count the more difficult bits. It is going to be the fastest way for a company to calculate its carbon foot print so that it can start a reduction plan and

begin the journey to Net Zero. As our collective knowlege grows and legislation improves, defined carbon counting will be a dominating trend and topic for years to come. Which Workbench applaud.


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