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Air Atoll redefining meeting spaces

Designing furniture to accommodate power, data  and technology requirements is one of the biggest challenges to the sustainable credentials of a product. It is important that furniture is designed to be able to move with the fast pace of technology progress so it does not become redundant as clients upgrade systems. 

At Workbench we have always championed keeping power and data presentation as simple as possible, were feasible avoiding bespoke apertures and apparatus installed in to surfaces, as this makes change further down the line impossible. We try to use off the shelf products, that are readily available, and easy for clients to replace so they are confident of supply and of solving upgrade demands easily. 

With this in mind Workbench designed Air Atoll which redefines the concept of modern meeting spaces. Designed with a visionary approach to meeting spaces this tables integrates available battery technology with mobile furniture design creating a first in its field, a powered and truly mobile meeting table. 

Available battery technology is concealed within a simple cable tray, which can be interchanged as and when the technology changes, this puts sustainability and reuse front and centre of this design. The top surface is clear of apertures optimising reuse.

 The design negates the need for floor box infrastructure, this has additional environmental benefits for listed buildings, areas where the introduction of M&E services are disruptive, costly or simply not possible. Air Atoll allows any area of real-estate to be used to the max, it demands no infrastructure to function. 

Air Atoll is setting a new standard for contemporary meeting table solutions. The design not only enhances the flexibility of the table but also promotes uninterrupted productivity ensuring that teams can work efficiently regardless of the location and power provision . We hope that the Atoll system will help reshape the future of workspaces with its spirit of innovation and challenge to the user to rethink how we detail meeting spaces.



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