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Calling all football fans... Workbench EURO2024!

Having just caught our breath after Clerkenwell Design Week, it's now time to focus on the fun of the Summer, so bring on the EURO’s!

As the excitement builds get yourselves prepared by downloading our Workbench EURO2024 wallchart with added bonus features:

• Predict each game!

• Predict the group winners and runners up!

• Predict each round all the way to the final!

• Predict the golden boot winner!

• Predict the golden glove winner!

• Predict player of the tournament!

• Predict team of the tournament!

• Game dates & times.

You can also download the ready made EURO2024 sweepstake kit so even those who really don’t care about football can get involved and annoy the ‘proper’ fans by pulling the favourites out of the hat.


The Workbench Team


Click on each image below to download your Wall Chart and Sweepstake Kit...


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