• Wendy Graham

Every day is a school day!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Often the function of the furniture we design and manufacture is so specific to the client it is unlikely that we will use on other projects. What we can reuse is all the learning. We worked along side our client to develop 27 rise/ fall lecterns with plug and play facility. Housing two screens, computer terminals, power, data, Crestron units, mics and the all important retractable cup holder, they were over 80kg each and easily moved to be used in over 40 locations throughout the building. Whilst it is unlikely we will be asked to recreate anything similar, our expanded knowledge of actuators, finishing, heat build up, plug & play, screen reflection, cable retraction, ventilation and metal deflection are all deposited in the knowledge bank for next time! Designed by us tailored by you.


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