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Material Centric Design: Seminar

At Workbench everyday is a school day. We are always keen to make sure we share knowledge and new ideas. Next week we have two excellent seminars that we would like to share with our clients

The first is on Tuesday July 12th where we have a unique opportunity to discuss Material Centric Design with Chris Lefteri

Chris Lefteri is recognised throughout the world as a leading authority on materials and their application in design. He is considered one of the most important materials experts working in his field and for over a decade his studio work and publications have been pivotal in changing the way designers and the materials industry consider materials.

Material Centric Design

This talk will explore and challenge the traditional process of design, which is shape first, materials selection last. It will help you evaluate materials from a new perspective that goes beyond function. There will be the opportunity for Q&A with Chris afterwards. There are limited spaces so please contact if you would like to attend and we will confirm your place.


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