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RTO-Q1-21 What does that mean?

Return to Office Quarter One 2021 - That’s the hot topic right now and business is getting ready for it. With Q1 not many weeks away the re-organisation of space and furniture begins, and when we say not many weeks, we mean just three manufacturing weeks until quarter one arrives slap bang on our doorstep.

So what are businesses doing? Initially we saw heavy demand for screens and the spacing of work areas, however fast changing events dictate that this is now shifting to a more ‘normal’ working environment, albeit with the contingency of flexibility to deal with unforeseen situations.

The current emphasis is on simple furniture details, easy to clean, easy to reconfigure, adaptability, and most importantly video conferencing available everywhere, communication between colleagues is key. Business is no longer interested in the sick martyr struggling into the office with flu or worse, the message is 'if you feel unwell stay at home' keep your germs exclusive, but do stay in touch!

If we have learnt one thing in 2020 it is how rapidly things can change. Predicting the future is a tricky business, but as quickly as we all fled the office, there are now signs that the office will again become an important part of our working week, and it appears businesses are waking up to this reality. With most furniture manufacturers operating on a 6 to 8 week lead time, focusing on the return to office and the preparations necessary is now the urgent priority.

So RTO-Q1-21 sets us another challenge to rise to, a challenge where time is of the essence. And we stand well equipped to meet these demands, working with design practices and businesses to deliver projects tailored to the changing work environment.


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