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Technology Driven

It has long been the case that corporate furniture demands the inclusion of technology. Over the past year the corporate furniture market has had to leap at warp speed to make sure that technology, and most importantly communications technology, is accessible for teams wherever they may be working.

So often throughout history, moments of intense difficulty or crisis have been accompanied by technology and innovation forging ahead at a relentless pace. As we see offices swing back into operation, albeit in a more fluid way, the seamless integration of technology into our office spaces and homes, and our ability as designers to meet these demands, will be ever more critical.

Even the most exclusive interiors are having to accept this requirement. @Workbench we believe this doesn't mean that you have to ruin your statement boardroom table with reluctantly installed comms equipment, or for that matter clutter the clean lines of your touchdown collaboration space with the look of a 1980’s dealer desk, because at the same time as the requirement has moved on, so has the technology. Companies like Arthur Holm, Crestron and Office Electrics to name a few, have all developed their product ranges to meet this demand, which means we @Workbench are continually developing furniture that can provide the latest technology driven solutions, without driving out your creative aspiration.


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