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The Risk Takers

Are you a risk taker or risk averse?

As with most businesses we work with all kinds of clients. The projects with the risk takers are always exciting albeit challenging, whilst the projects with the risk averse enable us as designers to reflect on and enhance our offer to our client.

Just to define what we mean by risk, remember how the designers pushed the boundaries with the wobbly Millennium Footbridge! Whilst furniture design might not be quite this critical, the stakes are still high when dealing with expensive, fragile materials such as marble, integrating complex performance requirements, and working to tight project timescales where failure is not an option. The key is to find your creative side whilst still keeping the design process sound.

Finding your creative side

Workbench is no different to any of our clients, but as furniture specialists we use our knowledge and experience to find the middle ground. If you are risk averse we can help you dip your toe into the arena of adventurous design, and if you are a risk taker we can guide you to your creative nirvana without loosing your shirt!

Tailoring our tried and tested designs allows our clients to be unique with fewer risks, which at the moment is particullary important as our industry adjusts to the new working normal. Anxieties about material performance, function and aesthetic can all be discussed with our our team of designers, workshops and factories, so that the final design will be both unique and successful.


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