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2018 Trends

Honest materials.

Materials in their natural state, including man made materials, rather than trying to hide the limits of the material, product is being designed to incorporate it. The use of plywood, reclaimed timber, waney edge board, man made stone and mild steel lacquered rather than powder coated, will all be making their way on to the mood boards for 2018.

Being Reflective, it is note worthy that many clients are putting emphasis on their company’s history by including a nod to it in the interior design. Several media company’s we worked with achieved this by re using old printing blocks to create the art work, rather lovely we think you will agree. In terms of the other reflective, the copper colours which have been a favorite for the last few years are now turning to gold, polished brass and gloss gold lacquers will be finding their way to the colour palettes in 2018. We love a bit of bling!

Red Oak, this timber has dominated the interior of Bloombergs new European HQ, and it continues to be specified on interior projects.

Soft touch laminate, it's going to be even more massive in 2018.

Oh and the Pantone colour of the year is Ref 18 38383 Ultra Violet ( that’s Purple to you and me !)


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