Workbench is listed climate neutral by the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative. You can read our report and see our carbon footprint on the UN website here


We are the first UK office furniture company to measure and list our carbon footprint publicly on the United Nations website as we believe that unless our clients know our current carbon footprint it is impossible to substantiate claims of year-on-year carbon reductions.


Workbench has measured its carbon footprint and had it verified by a qualified third party prior to submission to the United Nations.

How did we achieve this and what are our climate change targets?


Working with United Nations Climate Neutral Now we have measured our complete carbon footprint and have defined scope 1, 2 and full scope 3 of the Green House Gas Protocol for our entire operation, including the products we design and manufacture.


Here are some of the areas that we have measured;

Workbench - CO2 Emissions.jpg
Workbench - Measured criteria-crop.jpg
Workbench - Purchases by material weight.jpg

Having identified every area and its carbon impact, Workbench is now in a position to set targets for achieving Carbon Net Zero.


This year Workbench is carbon neutral having voluntarily offset its entire carbon footprint by investing in projects on the United Nations carbon offset platform, you can read more about the projects that we have invested in here


We have set a carbon reduction plan of 7% for the next year, which will be reported to the United Nations Climate Neutral Now website.


Targets for the next 12 months;


  • We are investing in our design software so that our design team can assess material usage / carbon content of proposed designs before they are committed to manufacture.


  • Where design and function permit, we will use high-quality particle board rather than MDF.


  • We will significantly reduce our use of bubble wrap and replace with sustainable and re-useable protection.

  • Workbench product will be designed so that REDUCE, REUSE, RE-PURPOSE, RECYCLE is optimised. The introduction of a new service where Workbench can be commissioned to assess a client's new requirements and where existing Workbench product is no longer required we can detail how product can be reused, re-purposed or recycled.

  • Workbench will aim to offer Carbon-Foot printing of a client's projects and offer best alternative solutions for minimising impact through design and material specification so clients are able to make informed choices.


  • We will group together our deliveries to reduce the amount of journeys taken to deliver our products.


  • We will discourage the use of chrome plating to finish metalwork and offer alternative solutions.

Workbench - Product Lifecycle-Grey_RGB.png

So, what next in our carbon reduction journey?

At Workbench our waste hierarchy, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle is now our biggest agenda and is influencing the products that we design and manufacture. Whilst we understand that carbon offsetting is not the long term solution, the benefits of carbon measuring are real and having an impact across our company. Further reducing our carbon output and helping our clients to make informed choices on the details, materials and finishes that they specify is a vital part of our carbon reduction plan.


Achieving our listing on United Nations Climate Neutral Now is just the first step. Now that we have invested in defining scope 1, 2 and complete scope 3, we have been able to set targets to demonstrate our commitment and report our journey towards Net Zero.