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pogo overview

Pogo is a height adjustable collaboration desk with VC screen, power and data, all integrated to rise and fall with the table as it is adjusted. The Pogo VC table offers seamless AV integration with all the flexibility of sit - stand desk. The focus on agile working has meant a greater demand for video conferencing and small VC desks where teams can collaborate. Pogo embraces and delivers this function ergonomically and aesthetically.

design brief

Pogo is designed as a self contained rise fall collaboration desk that allows full technology integration with the flexibility of changing individual parts as technology changes. Pogo has been detailed with circular design and the Workbench waste hierarchy policy front and centre. Environmentally technology is one of the most difficult requirements to sustainably integrate into a product as it changes rapidly. We are not able to stop these rapid advances so when designing Pogo Workbench embraced this. Pogo is designed using individual parts and standard fixings where possible. This allows components such as the VC screen, power presentation, actuators and top to be swapped out on a part by part basis without having to replace the whole desk.

features & finishes

Pogo has elegant and slim profiling. Despite the high quantity of equipment and the flexibility of the desk height the table is compact with considered profiled edges and soft curves to all its components. The power is presented to the user via the Workbench Caplet plate in the desk top which accommodates an off the shelf power bar with inter-changeable canisters so should the power and data feed need to change new canister presentation can be retro fitted. The screen bracket is designed to allow for multiply variations of screen and is designed as a separate part so if the screen mounting moves away from Vesa plates or a specialist screen is required it can be accommodated. Leg frame in steel powder coated black, white or silver/grey. Tops in Veneer, Fenix, Laminate or MFC with our standard square edge detailing.


The Pogo table has been designed in line with the Workbench waste hierarchy policy reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle. The product is designed using standard fixing and independent parts. If technology changes or Pogo needs to adapt it can be altered on a part by part basis rather than having to replace the whole product. This dramatically increases the length of service for the user.

environmental impact

At Workbench we calculate our carbon footprint for scope 1, 2 & full scope 3. All our products are designed to meet our waste hierarchy policy of reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle. Workbench is in a unique position to be able to design for reuse at the start of a products life and Pogo encapsulates this.

case study




Sutton Lane, London




Showroom refurbishment


Video conference drop in table

Pogo was created out of need for a casual drop in video conference facility in the Workbench showroom. Ease of use was the driving factor with a set of features that would allow seated or bar height meetings with the integral adjustment of the screen height carried out simultaneously with the desktop, all at the touch of a button. The table also includes mains power outlets, USB A+C charging and data connections.

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