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2020 trends

Bold colours will to continue to rise in popularity during 2020. The new Fenix laminate colour way is focused on primary colours, they have been accurate when predicting the direction of colour trends in the past so look out for bold and primary colours. The Pantone colour for 2020 is a primary colour this year and RAL go a little further with RAL Colour Feeling 2020+ have a look at the article for a glimpse at what to expect.

Geometric patterns An ongoing the theme from 2019. We are seeing this influence even in the layout of designers mood boards. Geometric patterns can provide a feature for an interior at low cost and often without the requirement for huge structural input, making it easy to change in the future. Influencers like Kvadrat with their Soft Cells and Buzzi Space with Buzzie Blox have led the way. 

Co working influence. Co working is not a new concept but its influence is transforming permanent office spaces as well. We have seen hot desking and collaborative spaces appearing in even the ‘most traditional’  offices. We look forward to the new concepts and designs that the interior industry continues to develop for these spaces. 9 of the best Co working spaces according to Hubble.

Biophilia this trend grew steadily through 2019 and is set to continue through 2020. There are now a wide variety of companies offering solutions and it does not have to be high maintanance, Innerspace Cheshire, amongst others, have creative products delivering the biophilia design with little or no further upkeep day 2.

Environmental responsibility. To describe this as a trend is to trivialise the enormous issues we are faced with over the coming decades. Climate change will be the single biggest topic addressed in 2020 and onwards. It requires us all to not just 'box tick’  the tender questionnaire but to go further and look at at our supply chains with closer scrutinty and work collectively to improve not only just how we manufacture but how we recycle the product our new designs replace. Certifications such as FSC and  ISO 14001 go a long way to addressing the problem however the UK manufacturing  landscape is made up of a large number of very small workshops and production facilities who tend not to pursue costly certification but actually operate a more sustainable production line than larger companies. It will be important for us to make sure these companies are not excluded from supply chains because they cant “tick the box “  as they provide a large proportion of the UK manufacturing capacity. There are a number of helpful websites as well as government backed help such as Envirowise to help advise.

Natural materials, it sits hand in hand with the environmental issues we face so this trend will ‘naturally’ excuse the pun, be a strong influence in office spaces. Ratan, wicker, cane furniture are all on trend and will grow in popularity. Traditionally used for seating and screening these materials are being used to create unique features in interiors.

Legs! According to Elle decoration German and Italian influences are going to be very popular for furniture design in 2020. We have noticed this in the furniture we are detailing and in particular legs, there is a move away from the larger slab style credenza and storage solutions in meeting and boardrooms, it is being replaced with a much lighter design of storage.  This is partly due to smaller AV equipment, video conferencing services available from the likes of  Google and Skype means less need for large AV racks to be housed leaving room for lighter storage details. Check out one of our new designs Grooves


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