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Air Atoll - Redefining the concept of modern meeting spaces

The Air Atoll battery powered flip top table redefines the concept of modern meeting spaces. Designed with a new approach to meeting spaces this table integrates available battery technology with mobile furniture design creating a first in its field, a powered and truly mobile flip top meeting table. In this instance Air Atoll uses the Office Electrics Animate system concealed within the sleek frame feeding perfectly position USB C charge points to the perimeter of the table. Innovation, functionality and versatility converge seamlessly in the Air Atoll setting a new standard for contemporary meeting table solutions.

Air Atoll releases any area of real-estate to maximise its use because it demands no infrastructure to function. No floor box or power infrastructure is required for power connection. A stylish mobile charging trolley is available for transporting and charging multiple batteries so that there are always replenished batteries available.

Air Atoll has been detailed with circular design and the Workbench waste hierarchy policy front and centre. Environmentally technology is one of the most difficult requirements to sustainably integrate into a product as it changes rapidly. We are not able to stop these rapid advances so when designing Air Atoll Workbench embraced this. The table is designed using individual parts and standard fixings where possible. This allows components such as the batteries, power presentation, and top to be swapped out on a part by part basis without having to replace the whole table. The Air Atoll base is fabricated from mild steel, as with all steel, it has recycled content and can be recycled easily. The second major benefit is the reduction in the requirement for floor box infrastructure this has environmental benefits for listed building or areas where the introduction of M&E services are disruptive, costly or simply not possible. Workbench calculate the typical carbon foot print for Air Atoll as well as showing the possible avoided carbon if this table is reused or reconfigured, as it has been designed to be.

Air Atoll is a new design that pays homage to the popular Workbench Air table. Its design promises to reshape the future of workspaces with its spirit of innovation and challenge to the user to rethink how we detail meeting spaces. The design not only enhances the flexibility of the table but also promotes uninterrupted productivity ensuring that teams can work efficiently regardless of the location and power provision. The table has been designed to lead the market with the incorporation of batteries into a mobile flip top table design. With the aim of setting a new standard for contemporary meeting table solutions the user can specify the Air Atoll finishes to their own size and detail in line with the Workbench policy : Designed by us, tailored by you.


You can see Air Atoll at the Workbench Showroom, 3 Sutton Lane, London, EC1M 5PU.


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