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Contrasting Materials

Contrasting materials in complimentary colours. We @workbench recently completed a project where a palette of complimentary colours were specified for table tops but in different materials.

Using different materials on a table top needs consideration. Workbench collaborated with ID:SR and The Furniture Practice detailing a client facing meeting suite with a combination of Fenix laminate, bronze inlay, Corian solid surface and timber veneer. All of these materials move and react to heat and moisture in a different way.

Metal inlays in table tops are notoriously temperamental. @Workbench we prefer a mechanical fix detail if actual metal inlays or lipping are used, but a great alternative to this is the specification of a metal laminate. Nearly all of the main laminate manufacturers have metal decorative laminates in their collection that have a very good likeness to the material they replicate. If laid correctly it is very difficult to see the difference from the real deal.

The advantage of a metal laminate is that it is much more stable and elimates the movement issue often experienced with metal enabling us to realise our clients vision and remove any potential movement issues in the future. Designed by us, tailored by you.


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