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Go Big or Go Home - The Sutton Flip

The Sutton Flip table is a unique design combining high capacity cable management with complete mobile flexibility in one of the largest flip top tables available, up to 3000mm x 1500mm in one piece.

Sutton's high capacity cable managed base does not compromise its aesthetic and is specified to suit high profile client facing areas as well as less formal spaces, offering complete flexibility and enabling the user to quickly change the use of the space it occupies. Most importantly the Sutton flip is uniquely designed to not only minimise waste, using standard section steel and standard size core board, but also to encourage re-use at the end of its life.

Each component has been designed to be connected independently so that re-finishing both the base and table top is possible day two. The Sutton Flip leg has been designed to house a high capacity of cable management whilst remaining slim and elegant. The large but discrete door to the base eliminates the problems that often face AV contractors when they come to install their equipment by maximising the space they have, not only when first fitting but also for maintenance.

The internal space of the base is maximised to future proof additional technology that may be required. The Sutton flip table has had the top weight issue designed out by the use of gas loaded actuators, despite the weight of the large top, the user is able to easily flip it up or down.

As with all Workbench product the Sutton Flip meets our 'Designed by us, tailored by you' aspiration, allowing the client to specify the details, materiality and finish to suit their specific project.


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