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Honest materials, proven designs.

An ever increasing request is that we take fully resolved designs and tailor them to our clients' specific requirements. This offers the reassurance of tried and tested solutions, but also gives a level of individuality not available off-the-shelf.

We have spent many hours refining our standard furniture collections, perfecting the treatment of interfaces between materials, the integration of technology and ensuring designs exceed expectations. This recently completed project featured a large breakout space designed to have a welcoming, relaxed feel to it. We took the FLITE table base from our standard furniture collection and produced it in natural mild steel with a clear lacquer finish to prevent rusting. Solid table tops were designed in the warm tones of FSC oak with the addition of inlayed butterfly ties, giving a nod to more traditional furniture designs.

The end result is a fantastic space where people can relax and enjoy a welcoming, comfortable environment, made possible using honest materials, proven designs and a little originality.

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