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Time & Space

We could argue that we have "done time” over the past year, and as return to work plans start to be confirmed we now need to focus on SPACE. We are all used to talking about office SPACE, but as we make plans to head back to the office we have been talking to clients about SPACE and Social D i s t a n c i n g.

Effective use of SPACE is perhaps already the biggest consideration in the workplace, and maybe for too long we have squeezed too many people into the SPACE we have available, especially in city offices.

The observation seems to be that although more people will be working from home, the square foot of office SPACE won't change as those that are in the office will be more generously accommodated in line with new health and well being protocols. Communal open SPACE and informal meeting areas within buildings where colleagues can meet and collaborate are already very much at the forefront of office design, and post lockdown they will be top of the list.

Creating a SPACE that delivers openness both physically and aesthetically is generating some beautiful designs that are genuinely revolutionising the workplace for the better. Reconnecting with nature in the working environment, quick change furniture, multifunctional furniture and biophilic installations are all influencing the solutions that we @workbenchltd are designing for our clients, and we are not alone. The exciting new Animate charge anywhere products from OE Electrics are trailblazing the options for flexible working, and Innerspace Cheshire continue to deliver innovative natural finishes that bring a some of that great outdoors indoors, enabling interior designers to create the SPACE we all need.


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