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Create on-trend zoned interiors with Space Shifter

Produced by Workbench and designed by MF Design Studio, Space Shifter provides the opportunity to zone spaces without the need for permanent partitions. Creating a product that has a positive impact on the users and the environment was one of the key objectives. Space Shifter introduces earthy, natural materials to enhance this bond and celebrate nature through a feel-good product that combines timber and foliage, bringing nature into the indoor environment. The beautifully selected colour options and crisp fluted detail of the planters make the Space Shifter unique and innovative.

The Workbench Collections represent the best of British furniture design and craftsmanship. Developed to meet the most demanding needs of the corporate market whilst also fulfilling our aims as an environmentally responsible furniture provider.


You can see Space Shifter at the Workbench Showroom

3 Sutton Lane, London, EC1M 5PU.


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