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Specifying Credenza

We have been detailing up credenza designs over the last few weeks , so we thought we would share a few tips.

Does the back need to be finished? If up against a glazed wall then yes, if against a solid wall then consider a lower cost, none decorative material for the back . We also try to keep costs down by using a high quality veneer to the external faces but a lower grade veneer to the internals which are largely unseen .Ifthe credenza it is being used for drinks then consider a durable top material that is less porous, laminate and glass are often good options.

Consider the height and size the unit needs to be. If the credenza needs AV equipment the usual dimensions are at least 650mm deep and 750mm high, this allows for an average AV rack. Double check if there are any ventilation requirements around equipment/fridges etc. If equipment is going to kick off a lot of heat you may need to consider the material itself. Solid surface materials are often sensitive to temperature and can warp with heat build up. (Rather annoyingly this was a lesson we learned through experience with a Corian credenza door.)

Cable management , it’s often a good idea to allow a cable way/grommet through the base of the unit to allow access to a floor box.

Kick plates, if the credenza is not raised on legs, a kick plate can really help this vulnerable area getting damaged by vacuum cleaners, drinks trolleys, etc.

Finally, if budget is an issue consider using a console table as credenzas do have a habit of becoming a glorified bin in a meeting room.

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