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Go Wendy!

It’s time to get your pom-poms out and line the streets of London!

Our very own Workbench wonder woman Wendy is running her first (and perhaps only) marathon this weekend. She’s been training hard before and after work and is super fit and raring to go. If her knees hold up we’re sure she’s going to smash it and will probably make some sales somewhere between Greenwich and Cutty Sark.

She’s running for a great charity, C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young) in memory of her brother Paul who sadly passed away aged just 41 from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. His attitude was ‘Always Forward’ and with that same drive and positivity Wendy has pushed herself to do something fantastic in his name and we are very proud of her.

C.R.Y provides screening and helps advance the work of cardiologists in the hope that fewer families go through the pain of losing a loved one so young and any donations to them would make a real difference. Click on the link if you are able to make a donation...

Look out for her on Sunday, somewhere between Mo Farah and the bloke in the diver’s outfit, and give her a cheer.

Go Wendy! Always Forward!!


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