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Live & Edgy

In the UK we are lucky to have an abundance of beautiful timbers to choose from and at Workbench we have the expertise to be able to select the very best to produce beautiful furniture for your interiors.

If you are looking for waney edge (sometimes referred to as live edge) then Elm is the perfect timber. We selected a stunning Scottish elm for one of our latest projects. Scottish elm has been far less susceptible to Dutch elm disease so there are some lovely timbers to choose from. Selecting the best plank size and quality to maximise useage and minimise waste is key.

With sustainability at the heart of the table design the cable management was kept simple whilst achieving all the client requirements meaning this solid table will deliver years of service and can be continually resurfaced and reused by the client.

Designed by us, tailored by you.

Our new Earth table range is launching in March 2023. Featuring natural stones and timbers.


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