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Tide - Managing Corporate Ebb & Flow

Tide is a product that was designed to solve a problem.

Workbench has been problem solving for 13 years and while presenting solutions to clients’ time and time again, Workbench designs always look as good as they work.

Tide is just another example of Workbench’s approach to a problem, producing a fully flexible and agile bar code reader housing.

The demand for the efficient entrance and exit from corporate office spaces has transformed over the last few years and accelerated during covid, with flexible working spaces the barcode reader has become an essential piece of technology to facilitate this.

Workbench designed Tide to flexibly house bar code readers for the signing in and out of buildings. Tide is a beautifully detailed unit with ergonomic and tactile qualities that allow barcode readers to be fully flexible, easy to use whilst protecting the software.

Tide has been adopted by a global corporate financial information company. It is currently being used in their offices across the world. It allows efficient access in and out of the corporation’s offices whilst maintaining security levels and accommodating high volumes of visitors if required. Tide can be tailored to fit multiple bar code readers and finished to match colour palettes. It is currently being considered for booking in and out of hot desk areas in flexible workspaces.

Workbench’s focus on sustainable design starts with the design team and feeds into the decisions made while producing a product like Tide. Tide is made from milled aluminium which is 100% recyclable. Workbench specifically looked at materials that are easy to recycle. The unit has purposely been designed so that the top clear section and magnets can easily be removed, and the unit can be recycled by any responsible metalworker or via the usual waste recycling available in corporate office.

Tide has a carbon footprint of 38.7kg CO2, with avoided carbon possibilities if this unit is recycled (Based on a single Tide unit, the CO2 calculations were performed using conversion factors published in the Inventory of Carbon Energy (ICE) database and the ONS database and calculated and verified by qualified consultants, Carbon Lens Ltd company registration 10078669).



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