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Workbench Earth is nominated for the 2023 FX Design Awards!

We are delighted to announce that our Earth table has been nominated in the ‘Public/Leisure/Office Furniture' category of this year's FX Design awards.

The Earth table is designed with beautiful natural stone or lively natural waney edge solid timber tops, with a distinctive fluted base. Using natural solid timber and stone, every Earth table is unique. With infinite stone options and endless beautiful solid timbers, the aesthetics of the table can be determined through the client’s own selection of materials.

Earth has been developed with circular design front and centre. The materials for the Earth range have been selected to give clients maximum opportunity to reuse and repurpose, with minimal environmental impact if the tables need to be recycled.

When designing the Earth collection, we have taken a step back from complex integrated technology so we can take a step forward with its design circularity. By embracing natural materials and simple design construction the tabletops are easy to resurface and refinish. Technology is encouraged to be mounted to the underside of the table perimeter

keeping the natural material free of details that make it difficult to repurpose. If the client does require integrated cable management Workbench has detailed a cable tray that allows easy updating and part replacement.

The Earth range is supplied with a calculated carbon footprint for the product as well as future avoided carbon calculations if the client reuses the product at the end of service. All our products are designed to meet our waste hierarchy policy of reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle. Workbench is in a unique position to be able to design for reuse at the start of a products life and the Earth range encapsulates this.

We can’t until the FX Awards on the 29th November when we find out whether, in a field of world class entries, the judges consider Earth to be the best of the best!

You can read more about the Earth collection here... Workbench Earth


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